Library Cards

Why do I want a library card?

A West Bend Library Card allows you to check out materials, access research databases, ebooks, and other online content from home, and use the Internet computers at the library.

How do I get a library card?

Bring in a driver’s license or photo ID with a current address. If your form of ID doesn’t have your current address, you must also verify your current address by bringing in a document such as auto registration, utility bill, bank statement, lease agreement, etc.

How do I get a library card if I’m under 18 years of age?

Have a parent or guardian come in to sign the application with you and present the ID as described above.

Do I have to live in West Bend to get a card?

West Bend library cards do not require you to be a resident of our county or city. Anyone can get a card!

What is a PIN and how do I get one?

Your PIN is typically the last 4 digits of the phone number you used to sign up for a library card. Older cards may have your mother’s maiden name as the PIN. It is added to your library card account when you register. If you need more assistance, bring identification into the library and we’ll look it up for you!

How much does a library card cost?

A library card is free. If you need to replace your card, there is a $2.00 fee.

How do I change my mailing address or request e-mail notification?

Bring identification with your new mailing address to the library and ask to have your address changed. We can also add an e-mail address to your record – then you’ll receive emails when your items are coming due and when your holds are available for pickup.

Can I view my library card record online?

Yes, you can view the items that you have checked out, holds, any fines or blocks, and your profile, which lists your current address, phone number, etc. You can also renew items (unless they have a hold on them)!

Do I need to have my library card with me?

Yes, generally we want people to have their cards with them for checking out or using the computers. But, you can also download the Monarch2Go app and use that instead for checking out.

Borrowing Materials

Do I have to have my library card with me?

The West Bend Library REQUIRES that you have your library card with you in order to borrow materials. If you don’t have it with you, you can purchase a replacement card for $2 or put your materials on temporary hold until you return with your library card to check them out.

How long can I keep borrowed materials?

Each time you check out an item from the library, you will receive a date due receipt indicating the day you should return the items to the library. Check this date carefully.

Can I renew materials?

If there are no holds, an item may be renewed for its original loan period. Items can be renewed a maximum of two times. You can renew materials over the telephone and online.

Is there a limit on the number of items I can borrow?

Generally adults can have 75 items checked out, and children can have 50 items checked out at one time. There is a limit of 2 CD-ROMs per family, 20 DVDs per library card, 20 music CD’s per card, and 5 magazines per title.

Do I have to come to the Circulation Desk to check out items?

There are two self-check machines available by the restrooms. You will need to come to the Circulation Desk to check out DVD’s, CD’s, pick up holds, or pay fines.

Do I have to come in to return my library items?

There are drive-thru slots on the north side of the building for returning materials. These are available even when the library is closed.

Placing a Hold

What if the item I want is checked out?

You can place a hold on an item that is checked out using your library card barcode and PIN, and we will call or e-mail you when it is ready for you to pick up.

Can I get an item from another library?

If there is an item available at another library in our system, you can place a hold using your library card barcode and PIN. There is a daily van delivery service between the libraries in our system Monday through Friday. The van does not run on weekend. It usually takes 3-5 days for an item to arrive if it is available at the other library. We will call, text, or e-mail you when it arrives.

How am I notified when an item is waiting for me?

You will receive a phone call or an email if you have an email address listed in your record. You can also check your account online. You can also sign up to receive notifications via text.

Can someone else pick up my holds for me?

Yes. You must come into the library in person to designate which people are allowed to pick up holds for you. Then, that person must bring your library card with them when they come to pick up your items.

What if I don’t want the item on hold for me any more?

You can cancel any unwanted holds online, or call the library and we will cancel the hold for you.


What if my materials are overdue? How much are fines?

If you have overdue materials, the library will mail you two reminder notices. The third/final notice gives you a week and a half to return the item before it becomes a “Lost” book and the full replacement cost is charged to your library card. If you think the notices may be in error, please bring them in to the library and talk to someone at the Circulation Desk as soon as possible. If you do not reply, another agency will contact you to collect the fees you owe. Fines are charged for materials returned after the due date.

We charge $0.10 cents a day per item on most overdue adult materials.

Fines are computed per calendar day excluding Sundays, holidays, and any other day the library is closed.

What if I lost an item?

The best thing to do if you lose a library item is to contact the library IMMEDIATELY. We will help walk you through the process. Lost West Bend Library materials must be paid within 30 days of the Library having sent a final overdue notice. The collection of debts of $50.00 or more may involve the City Attorney and the Municipal Court. That action may result in added collection, citation and or court fees.

Can I replace a lost item myself?

Contact the library to see if this is possible for your case. A processing fee for all materials of $5.00 will be charged and due when the replacement is approved and received by the library.

Can I check out materials if I have fines?

If you owe the library fines or fees over $5.00 some of your library card privileges are suspended.

Unreturned Materials

As of October 1, 2018, West Bend Community Memorial Library has changed how unreturned library materials that amount to $100.00 or more will be addressed. If items are not returned or renewed by the due date, patrons will be charged the daily rate, for the overdue item(s).

If the items are not returned to the library within 30 days after the due date, patrons will be sent a billing notice indicating the items are 30 days overdue and are assumed lost. The bill will reflect the cost of the item(s) in question. It will also indicate that the individual will be subject to a City of West Bend Police Department citation for theft of library materials, if the items are not returned to the library, or the replacement value of the item(s) is not paid in full.

Patrons will have 14 days from the date of the billing notice to contact the library to either return the item(s) indicated on the bill and pay accrued fines, or pay for the cost of replacement of the items. All items must be paid for in full. No partial payments will be accepted.

Patrons who do not return the items indicated on the bill and pay accrued fines, or pay in full the cost of replacement of the items within 44 days after the item(s) due date(s) will be cited by the City of West Bend Police Department for theft of library materials. You will be issued a citation up to $691.00 plus restitution for all of the items listed.

Reference Services

How can I get a question answered if I’m not at the library? Do you answer reference questions via e-mail or telephone?

You can contact a reference librarian by phone: 262-335-5152; or by email: libref@west-bendlibrary.org.

Do you have a special department for genealogy?

We have a number of print resources specifically for genealogy. Your library card allows you access to several genealogy databases such as Ancestry.com and HeritageQuest. These resources are available at our Online Resources page. The library also has a designated genealogy computer available on the second floor. Ancestry is only accessible from within the library, while HeritageQuest can be accessed outside the library from your house.

What equipment do you have for people to use?

The West Bend Library owns 2 microfilm readers with printers, 2 photocopiers with scanning capability, and a fax machine on site. We also have electrical watt meters, which may be checked out for home use.