How to Contribute


We are reaching out to our community to receive help for some installation projects we would like to create at the library or at our Patron Park. These project ideas are for groups or individuals to become a part of. All ideas are welcome and encouraged so we can create a library for all ages to enjoy.


We have a number of volunteer positions available. These opportunities include book delivery to homebound patrons, book selections, assistants at popup library locations, and coffee host.

Book Donations

Got items to donate? We’ll take them! We take books, DVDs, music CDs, and audiobooks. Items will either go into our collection or onto our Book Sale Shelf. Please take a look at our Donation Policy here. Contact Darci at 262-335-5151 x 5260 or with any questions.

Online Donations

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Library Project Ideas

We are continuously exploring new ways to improve the library to create a better space for our patrons. Here is a list of some of our ideas we would like to see happen at our library but additional ideas from our community can also be considered.

For more information on how you can be apart of making these ideas come to life is available from the library director. All projects will need plan approval before moving forward.

Coffee Shop

Offer a coffee shop inside the library that would provide fresh coffee, beverages, and snacks for our visitors.

Solar Array

A new solar install on top of the Library to provide power year round and create a sustainable library. Estimated cost of $266,589.

Train Table

Create or provide a new train table with hand painted landscape and a sturdy epoxy top. Our existing one is great but tracks are looking worn.

Imaginative play station

Create an imaginative play station for the youth department. This could be a grocery store front, dress up play, veterinary station, or anything you could find at a Children’s museum.

Baby Corral

A special and safe spot for the babies to play and is designed to keep them contained in an area that has toys fit for their age.

Entryway for the youth department

A new entryway for the youth department to make it look more whimsical and inviting. Maybe some MDF trees or a white picket fence fence that could be decorated for the seasons.

Play Structure

An outdoor play structure for Patrons Park that is visually interesting and made out of cedar so it blends into the environment but can be climbable for the youth.

Fire pit

Install a fire pit at Patrons Park along with chairs so anyone can enjoy the warmth of a fire at our beautiful park.


Install nine new benches made of composite material for the front of the library.

Garden Beds

Create garden beds that are at a standard hight so they are handicap accessible and can be used by all patrons.

Library Volunteer Positions

Walk-on Volunteer Tasks

These tasks include minimal training and include but not limited to light cleaning, book un-processing, shelf-reading, promotional literature processing, and cleaning of toys.

Book Delivery to Homebound Patrons

Provide delivery to homebound patrons, using your own vehicle. Work with individuals or run a monthly route. Exchange bags of library materials with homebound patrons. Time commitment of 1-2 hours per month.

Book selection for Homebound Patrons

Work with individual homebound patrons by provide reader’s advisory and selection assistance. Assist with making phone calls and to helping to check with things such as appointment reminders, renewals & next reads. Time commitment of 2 to 4 hours per month.

On-site Assistant at Popup Library Locations

Join library staff at outreach location and assist with assigned tasks such as collect returned items, empty book drops and take requests. Time commitment of 2 to 4 hours per month.

Coffee Host

Help set up coffee for Free Coffee Fridays. Tasks include, setting up coffee to be ready by 9:00, cleaning up coffee after 11:00 and sometimes introducing guest speakers. Time commitment of up to 4 hours per Friday.

Adopt a Facility

Be the library’s liaison to a senior assisted care facility. Work with staff and residents to determine reader interests, manage an on-site depository library, deliver library materials to your adopted facility. Time commitment of 4 hours per month.

Information Distribution

Have a favorite hangout? Help the library inform the community of happenings at the library by posting brochures and distributing information.


Assist the library with a variety of tasks including but not limited to craft programs, work with homebound patrons, help set up for library programs, work with senior care facilities, and help patrons with computers and internet.

Friends of the Library

The Friends of the Library is a group of dedicated supporters and enthusiasts who work to support the mission and services of the West Bend Community Memorial Library, as well as to engage in related educational, charitable and cultural activities.

Join the Friends of the Library and assist with a variety of tasks including processing donated and discontinued library books, assist with book sales, help promote the library, and attend monthly meetings. Time commitment can vary.

Annual membership dues are $10

Volunteer Center of Washington County

You have the power to make a difference. The Volunteer Center is here to connect you with ways to serve the organizations and causes that mean the most. You can search community-wide volunteer needs or join us for a program that makes volunteering fun and accessible, with heart-warming experiences that can fit into the busiest schedule.